Business Spotlight: Third Shot Coffee

A story about open doors and countless opportunities.

Third Shot Owner Josiah Schulze pictured with one of his employees, Amber.

One of the several new businesses at the Prescott Gateway Mall is Third Shot Coffee, owned and operated by 26-year-old entrepreneur, Josiah Schulze. After graduating from the University of Kentucky with his Bachelor’s in Finance, Schulze moved to Nashville, TN and worked in the finance business for four and a half years. During this time, Schulze learned a lot, but he did not really love what he was doing. He made a good living, but he was still left wanting more out of his job.

While Schulze was still living in Nashville, TN, his dad was remodeling the old Celtic Pub outside of the Prescott Gateway Mall into a new church for the Prescott area, Starting Point Church. Schulze’s dad wanted more activity in the building throughout the week, not just on Sundays, and so Schulze was given the opportunity to lease the space from the church and open a coffee shop. Initially, Schulze did not give much thought to operating a coffee shop. However, he knew that if this was something he was meant to do, then the doors would start to open.

Fresh muffins and pastries baked at the shop.

Schulze moved to Prescott nine months ago with the idea that he could run a coffee shop, but he did not know much about it, so he started working at local coffee shops to get more familiar with the business. Then, from there, Schulze said, “Doors just started opening.” Three things happened, making it clear that Schulze was supposed to open Third Shot Coffee.

The first door opened when Schulze met the owner of Firehouse Coffee Roasters, Dana Kern, who showed Schulze the basics of owning a coffee shop, and he donated a lot of coffee to help get Schulze’s business started. Schulze still buys his coffee beans from Firehouse Coffee Roasters, as he appreciates the fact that the beans are roasted right here in Prescott. The second door opened when Schulze met the owner of Wildflower, Louis Basile, who told Schulze to go over to the old Wildflower building and take whatever he wanted out of what they had left behind. This act of kindness provided Schulze with all of the furniture he needed for the coffee shop, as well as some equipment. Then, the third door opened when Schulze met with a graphic designer to finalize the logo and name, everything just came together. The name Third Shot Coffee represents the most important shot in a game of Pickleball, and the logo is a pickleball made into a coffee cup. As Schulze said, “The logo and name gets people talking,” especially in Prescott, where people love to play Pickleball.

A brand built on a community favorite sport.

Now that Third Shot Coffee has been successfully operating in its new space, Schulze is starting to focus on new ways that he can use this business to engage the community and show appreciation to locals. Schulze came up with an extremely innovative way to show appreciation for employees at local businesses. He created “Local Business Appreciation Days,” where employees of local businesses pay only $1 for any latte on their business’ designated day. Third Shot Coffee also hands out free coffee and hot chocolate on Acker Night and at Dillard’s on New Year’s Day.

Schulze expressed that Third Shot Coffee is always looking for ways to be involved in other community outreach events, so if you have a community outreach event coming up, give Third Shot Coffee a call at (928) 227-3465 or email them at Schulze also mentioned that the shop has two rooms that can be reserved for any kind of group meeting, such as school study sessions or weekly staff meetings. Follow the link to reserve a room for your next meeting.

In a short time, Schulze has created an amazing coffee shop with delicious, locally roasted coffee and a community atmosphere where, as Schulze said, “Everyone’s welcome because no one is perfect and anything is possible.”

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