City of Prescott Partners with 3D Printing Company and Yavapai College to Offer Specialized Training

The City of Prescott has partnered with RESA Wear and Yavapai College to create a new 15-week intensive training/internship program in custom 3D printing. RESA Wear manufactures mobile kiosks that 3D prints orthotic inserts for shoes. The kiosk scans, designs and then prints insoles in about an hour; these kiosks will be in Costco, Walmart, and Macys stores throughout the US.

Classes will be conducted at Yavapai College’s Career & Technical Education Center (CTEC), a state-of-the-art facility with programs and equipment for engineering, computer networking and systems, as well as aviation. The program features six courses including: electronics fundamentals, digital systems, 3D printer operation and maintenance, embedded systems and IoT, and basic and advanced networking. Classes run Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and an includes an internship at RESA on Thursdays and Fridays.

The City of Prescott Economic Development Office worked with Yavapai College and RESA Wear to create this opportunity to for RESA Wear to grow and provide new, quality jobs in the community. “The City has been working with RESA for several months to help them get to the next level in their business,” said Mayor Greg Mengarelli. “We are pleased to have brought RESA and CTEC together for this exciting new program.”