Prescott Named Top 15 Most Entrepreneurial City By

Prescott was named one of the Top 15 Most Entrepreneurial Small Metros by  Prescott was ranked number 11 in the grouping.  Barnstable, MA was number one, and Bend, OR was number 2.  Prescott was the only Arizona City on the list.

“The entrepreneurial spirit is strong in Prescott, and throughout our region,” said Prescott Mayor Greg Mengarelli.  “Our quality of life, including our mild climate, numerous outdoor attractions, quality schools and other factors are attractive to entrepreneurs.  In addition, Prescott has been intentional about creating a flexible and supportive business environment to help small businesses flourish.”

The article noted that there has been an uptick in the number of entrepreneurs nationally, in the 55-64 year old range, launching businesses by choice, rather than necessity.  They acknowledged entrepreneurs who left large successful companies to start new ventures. The article also indicated that “the methodology involved calculating the percentage of self-employed workers (whether via an incorporated or unincorporated business), as well as using the sample data to denote median total income and the most “overrepresented” industry in entrepreneurship.”

This is not the first time Prescott has appeared on business rankings.  In 2017, Prescott was named one of 11 cities poised for growth by Kiplinger Magazine.  In 2019 the Milken Institute named Prescott the Top 26 Top Performing Small Cities.  The article can be found at