Wish Man, Filmed in Prescott, Arrives on the Big Screen

The story based on the incredible life of Make-a-Wish Foundation founder, Frank Shankwitz, filmed in Prescott in 2017, hits the big screen in theaters across the country in June.  Prescott is home to Shankwitz, and he has , and it was important to him that the film be made here, in Prescott, where his story began. 

Iconic Prescott locations used in the movie include the Yavapai County Courthouse and Annex building, The Palace Restaurant & Saloon. Hampton Funeral Home and The Point Lounge.  Several private residences were also used in filming, and a local automobile club provided approximately 20 vintage cars for the production. 

On set for the filming of, Wish Man.

It might have seemed unusual to see Wish Man star Andrew Steele playing an impromptu game of football with co-stars Tom Sizemore and Frank Whaley on the Yavapai Courthouse Plaza, but Prescott has a long history with Hollywood and in filmmaking, dating back to the early days of Western movies with actor Tom Mix. 

Fast forward about 100 years or so, and Prescott’s scenic beauty and film-friendly community remains the back lot for a variety of film projects, ranging from national and international movies, television, commercials, and photo shoots.  Actors working in Prescott over the past two decades have included Alec Baldwin, Jessica Chastain, Dylan McDermot, Kim Basinger and more. 

Wish Man debuted in theaters across the country in June 2019, and was also a feature selection at the Prescott Film Festival.